Otherworlds A-Z

Otherworlds A-Z

You want to find out something about the Otherworlds? Odds are, you can find it here! Part bestiary, part character guide, part encyclopaedia, you'll find everything but spoilers here ( I hope!)

This page is also under construction.





A kind of djinni. The male term for a succubus.


Johann von Stollenheim III

A quiet vampire who lives in and is supposed to terrorise Bad Schwartz. He likes wine and has a girlfriend, much to the annoyance of the villagers. Son of Alucard and Marissa von Stollenheim.

Joshua Bailey

A merchant's son from Delsus, on Anima. He just wants a quiet life running his dad's shop, but story karma had other plans, and now he works as a landsmen on the Ocean's Fangs.



Classed as a yokai in the Otherworlds. Kelpies lure humans into the water to eat them or marry them. They take the form of a beautiful horse and graze near water, waiting for humans to try and pet them or ride them. When they try, they get stuck fast and the kelpie drags them underwater. Otherwise, they take the form of handsome men or beautiful women to seduce humans. In either form, they can be recognised by the sand and bits of shell in their hair or manes. Some kelpies have pointed ears, this points to fairy in their ancestry.

Khalira von Stollenheim/Sarvadaman

Elf. Sara's mother. Deceased. Was married to Alvas until his death. She remarried Alucard von Stollenheim but died some years later. Khalira and Maia were great friends and used to have tea parties together. They met at Sara's Naming Day ceremony.

Kiko Honda

Fox yokai. The owner and hostess of a yokai bar Will frequents in Fairyland. She and her parents settled here when they were driven out of their homes by humans.


A type of yokai. Kitsune means fox in Japanese. Most kitsune, like Kiko, prefer when human formed to be women. Kitsune are said to grow more tails as they grow older, with nine being the maximum.


Lady Jane

Dwarf. Maia's fool.


Lamiae are rare and aggressive demi-fairies. The singular is lamia. Half-serpent and half fairy, they come only in the female variety. They are man-eaters, figuratively and literally. They also eat children. Thought to have been created as a living weapon for a long forgotten war. They are not to be confused with naga.

Lamprey von Stollenheim

A grumpy bat who used to be a grumpy vampire. He fell asleep while he was low on magic and got stuck that way. Unusually for a vampire, he had two siblings.


Merrow. Titania's fool. Letitia's mother was one of Titania's vassals. She died in childbirth, so Titania took her in.


A naga who works at Kiko's yokai bar. She's friends with Will.


Fairy. Captain of the Dark royal guard. Great friends with Tyrian, and occasionally, his lover. He was one of Tyrian's greatest supports in his teenage days.

Lucinda Martin

Your average cosplaying nerd. Works as a prince at Rent-A-Legend. They'd run out of real ones. She used to live in Didsbury, but her parents moved for work reasons shortly before the events of Miss Prince. When she isn't in the Otherworlds doing prince stuff or learning about potions with Rosie, she spends her time talking with her online friends, both the ones she left behind and the ones she worked so hard to go and meet who live in other countries.

Lydia von Stollenheim

Victor's mother. Intensely overprotective of her son after the death of her husband Heinrich. She's human, but she never liked them much and the death of her husband only intensified her negative feelings.


Maia Halfenna

Fairy. Erlina's mother and Queen of the Light Realm of Fairyland. She was great friends with Khalira and remains an ally of Sara's. By Fairyland tradition she is also Tyrian's Aunt.

Mana Garan

Human. Admiral Cloudesley's witch when he was an active Captain. She was the mentor of Clarissa and Hugo, back when they were magic students.


Human. Second Mate on the Ocean's Fangs. Married to Gudrun and father of Swanhild.

Marissa von Stollenheim

Human. Ex-wife of Alucard von Stollenheim and mother of Johann.


Fairy. Will's host mother.

Molly (princess)

Human. Princess Molly contacted Rent-A-Legend to get help tricking her fiancé after he arranged to marry someone else. Because just asking him what was up was out of the question, apparently.

Molly Poliander

Human. Molly is a greengrocer's daughter who wants to change her life. She was brought to Fairyland by Tyrian to be a companion to Victor. Victor's fool.

Morgana Lir

Fairy. Queen Titania's advisor, she's been running the Wild Realm in her absence for the past seven years. A purist, she doesn't like all these changelings being considered proper fairies and how they're letting all these foreigners in.


A seaside town that was troubled by a monster.



Naga are half-fairy, half snake and are closely related to merfolk, though less malevolent as a species. They can be found mostly on Anima and Gaia, with small populations also present on Calypso. See species guide for more detailed information.

Nareena von Stollenheim

Fairy. Vampire. Tyrian's mother, Connall's wife and Queen of the Dark Realm of Fairyland. She's currently missing.


According to Fairy lore, one of Gaia's three children, left to rule the Wild Realm in her stead. Original owner of the Green Pendant.


Queen Nerissa rules a mermaid kingdom off the coast of Sheva. She's a relatively new queen, having taken over recently from her mother. Nerissa and various mermaid clans along the coast of Sheva and its colonies clashed with the land dwellers due to overfishing.


According to Fairy lore, one of Gaia's three children, left to rule the Dark Realm in he stead. Original owner of the Sword of Shadows.


A sub-species of mermaid. Also known as a siren. Comes in both male and female varieties, and may have a tail or legs. They tend to be the result of two different types of merfolk cross-breeding and have distintive scaly patterns on their arms, legs and torso. These vary by individual. They may also have fins and other fishy features. They are best known for trying to lure humans into the water. This may be for play but is usually more sinister, as they can be man-eaters. More information can be found in the species guide.


Ocean's Fangs, The

Hugo's ship. A privateer vessel, specially commissioned for him by his father, Cloudesley.


A subspecies of giant. They're not that much taller than normal humans, nor do they look terribly different, but they have pointy teeth and perhaps oddly coloured skin or hair and yes, they often eat people. There are exceptions to any rule and some will take humans under their protection.


A type of ogre. They often have brightly coloured skin and horns. They are known for wearing tiger skins.



A mermaid noble.


A winged horse. A horse with wings. That is all. Okay fine, they're slightly magical and bred by enthusiasts.


Orange, red and gold magical birds that usually inhabit the fringes of desert regions. They use fire spells for incubation and defence. But if the birds are weak, they can burn themselves to ash, giving rise to the legend of their renewing themselves and rising from the ashes. They don't, though.


Small, winged, tailed magical race. Like fairies, they have their own country and are alternatively fond of or aggressive towards other races, especially humans. Their wings and tails vary in type and colour, suggesting they were originally self-modifications. The tails are commonly that of a lion. They specialise in size-altering magic, because if you were 6 inches tall that's the first spell set you'd pick to master, too. More information can be found on the species guide.


Seaside village and a Sheva colony. Troubled by mermaids and newly imposed laws.




A talking lion who advises a certain king. Very chill. Sounds like a hippie.

Alexander McNeil

Kelpie. More usually shortened to 'Xan' or 'Xander', he is the First Mate on Hugo's ship, The Ocean's Fangs.

Alucard von Stollenheim

Vampire. King of Sheva, ex-husband of Marissa von Stollenheim, widower of Khalira von Stollenheim.

Alvas Sarvadaman

Elf. Sara's father. He died when his ship sank on a diplomatic mission to a neighbouring country.

Andrew Standish

Usually known as 'Pens' from his internet handle 'ManyBrightlyColouredPens'. Lucinda's best and childhood friend.


One of the four known Otherworlds. Mostly dominated by humans, but still contains vast amounts of wilderness where magical beasts thrive.

Named places found on Anima: The Blue Forest, Bad Schwartz

Angela Du Buquet*

Hugo's daughter. Hugo and his wife adopted two children; Angela is the elder of the two. She's 13.

*It's pronounced 'bucket'

Anna Thompson

One of Lucinda's online friends. She's from Georgia in the U.S. Unlike Lucinda's other online friends, she actually uses her real name.


King of Fairyland some 200 or so years ago. Tyrian's great, great grandfather. He married Cordelia von Stollenheim after her white hair caught his attention when he was taking a carriage ride through a forest. He proposed on the spot. Though he did have an heir when she died, he took a mistress by whom he had an illegitimate child. Thanks Arawn, that helped.


Cat yokai. Originally from Earth, her parents moved to Anima when their home was threatened by human development, but found no peace there either. As they fled a human mob Aurelia fled through an Otherworld door into Fairyland. She got stuck there and was caught stealing food from the palace by the royal family, who adopted her as their fool. She's lived in the Dark Palace ever since, although she quit being a fool in order to get a more respectable job. She functions as an advisor/bodyguard for Tyrian.

The Authorities

Formed to track down criminals who escape to other countries and planets, they have headquarters on every known Otherworld, even Earth. Hugo and his crew work for them.


A djinni woman who appears to be half pixie.


Bad Schwartz

A little town in a valley on Anima, 'haunted' by a vampire. Who is Johann. On one side of the valley is a spooky forest with a castle in it. The other side has a network of caves and a regular forest on it.


Head housekeeper at the Dark Palace. A witch, Babs, as she more usually known, came to Fairyland to study magic and never left. She's known Tyrian since she was a teenager, now in her early forties.


A mermaid noble. In their despair at the overfishing caused by Alucard's new laws, she and other mermaid nobles assisted Queen Nerissa in steadily capturing all the fishermen along the coast of Sheva and its colonies. Bubbles was once captured by humans who intended to eat her, coming from an area where mermaid flesh is believed to grant eternal life. She was saved by Nerissa and bears a lasting gruge against humans.



One of the four known Otherworlds. It is largely covered in ocean and is thus dominated by all kinds of merfolk. It does have a small, native human population, however most of the humans found on Calypso are invaders, either treasure seekers or criminals looking to evade the law. The Authorities have a strong presence here as a result. The merfolk here are often aggressive and territorial for the same reason.


A siren – or rather, a nixie - who loves humans. She's very friendly and isn't interested in drowning people at all. She'd rather make out, but most of the men, human or otherwise, who she tries to make friends with don't take her advances at face value and tend to run away. Tyrian, who has something of the same problem himself, has been her good friend for years. She lives in Fairyland.


A race of demi fairies. Half-fairy, half horse, they are thought to have been created as living weapons for a long-forgotten war. They can be found mostly on Gaia in small, nomadic tribes.

Cindy Martin

Lucinda's older sister. She has a fancy pants graduate job in the South of England somewhere.


Unnatural and rare, they are usually commissioned by rulers for warfare, terrorism or occasionally by idiots who want to look like heroes.

Clarissa Du Buquet*

Hugo's wife. She studied magic with him under their mentor, Mana. Though Hugo was chronically useless at magic, Clarissa excelled and now works on land as a witch curing scurvy seadogs of things they swear they haven't got.

*It's pronounced 'bucket'

Cloudesley Spadell

Hugo's adoptive father. One of the higher ups in the Calypso Authorities, he pretty much runs the headquarters there.


The currency used in Fairyland. It is really stones and things spelled to look like money and is usually used by foreigners. If taken out of the country, it quickly returns to its original state. The exchange rate is terrible.

Contessa von Stollenheim

Vampire. Matriarch of the prolific Stollenheim family. She became a vampire when she was 22 and hasn't aged since. She was trying to cast a spell to give herself eternal youth. Arguably, it worked. She's currently 473. She's been married three times and had three children, two with the first husband and one with the third. She used to be an active vampire, moving from town to town and adapting to the local customs, but recently she retired to a mansion in the mountains near the Blue Forest.

Connall Lightfoot

Fairy. Tyrian's father. An ex-hero, he married into the Dark royal family of Fairyland and is still officially the Dark Realm's King. He was popular with the people, but didn't get along with his father-in-law, Connla. He is currently missing.


One of Lucinda's online friends. Her nickname Copper is short for her handle CopperKettle.


Half-fairy, and half some other magical creature, they are usually considered fairies, although the purists of Fairyland don't agree because they suck. Changelings have weaker magic than their full fairy-blooded brethren, so they usually have a magical cloak to augment their powers. This cloak is made for them by their parents when they are small, and they are so attached and dependant on it that they will do whatever you say should you manage to take it from them. This cloak is usually made from some kind of animal skin; seal, lion, swan, wolf, etc. Although, other options are available; Erlina's cloak is a magical cloth sewn with bird feathers, some are made of silk and flowers, etc. The kind of cloak they have usually depends on the preference of the non-fairy parent, ie: a mermaid mother will want a marine animal so their child can swim with them, and thus they will become a selkie, a garwulf would want a wolf cloak for their child, etc. Because of the discrimination against changeling children in Fairyland, they could often be found in groups outside the country bathing or playing, or in the worst cases, were swapped with human babies.

Prince Charming

The Charming family is famous and prolific, with the name being passed from father to son and sometimes further. This particular Prince Charming works for Sara at Rent-A-Legend. An accomplished prince, he has vowed not to marry until Sara achieves her goals.

Cynthia Winters

Will's little sister. She's only eleven, but she's already showing signs of wanting to follow in Will's Otherworld trotting footsteps, much to her mother's dismay.



According to Fairyland lore, one of the goddess Gaia's three children, to whom she left care of the Light Realm and the original owner of the Staff of Light.


A country on Anima. Joshua's homeland.


Djinni are a nomadic race closely related to fairies. Their behaviour and magical aptitude are very similar, although they have very strict rules concerning magic use. Many tribes settled, and other races such as succubi and incubi fall under the djinni umbrella. The term genie usually refers to a djinni who has been trapped in a bottle, lamp or other vessel.


Dragons come in many shapes and sizes. Most of them are shy and would rather avoid humans, but when hungry can raid livestock. They also hoard shiny things and many a princess has been snatched for being attached to said shiny things.


An underground dwelling race inexplicably largely consisting of blacksmiths.



Mostly harmless*. Come on, you know this one. It's the planet you live on.

*If you didn't get the reference, go and read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy RIGHT NOW. I'll even link you - here, GO.

Edgar von Stollenheim

Vampire. Contessa's eldest child, born approximately 450 years ago. Deceased.

Eleanor Gwynn

Usually known as Nell. A witch in training and maid at the Dark Palace.


A mysterious natural phenomenon. Though elementals come in male and female forms, usually human shaped, they don't appear to breed. They are usually found guarding sacred springs, oases or other important natural places and are thought to be some kind of magical poltergeist. They appear to be made of fire, water, wind, etc but it more likely to be pure mana in the guise of an element.


They look almost indistinguishable from fairies and djinni, but have none of the habits or magical aptitude. They dominate most of Gaia but must compete with various magical races. They are highly skilled at enchantment and the manufacture of weapons, though their culture and specialities vary from region to region, just as humans do.

Erlina Halfenna

Swan maiden changeling and princess of the Light Realm of Fairyland and daughter of Maia. Her father is an unknown yokai. She ran away from home to avoid marrying a certain prince, which is perfectly traditional. Now works for Sara at Rent-A-Legend. She has a feathered cloak.



Joshua's home town. It's on Anima.


Probably the most magical race besides unicorns, they are smug and superior because of this. Fairies act towards other sentient races as humans do towards other animals; some think of other races as pets, as sport or as a nuisance and some thankfully think we're just as smart as them and deserve some respect. They dislike elves and vice versa. Quite a lot of people dislike or are afraid of fairies with the exception of Earthlings who think that a: they don't exist and b: that if they do, they're small and twinkly. They're not.

Fairy Doctors

An old term for male witches. These days no-one bothers with the distinction.


The clue is in the name, but this is the only place you will find fairies, unless they are wandering changelings. Full of magical flora and fauna, not least the fairies themselves, the country is beautiful but dangerous. Split into three Realms; Dark, Light and Wild, each has its own sub-culture and ruler. Witches and other seekers of magical abilities come here from all over the known Otherworlds to study magic and make connections.

Freya Fumikosdottir

A three-quarters Icelandic yuki onna. She works for Sara at Rent-A-Legend. She has a slightly odd name because her grandmother and mother are very proud of their Japanese heritage and you trying telling a woman who can freeze your face off that they can't call their daughter that. Her grandmother moved from Japan because she hated the wretchedly hot summers there. In Iceland on the other hand, you'll find ice in the river even in summer.


Gaia (planet)

One of the four known Otherworlds. Mostly dominated by elves, though contains countries of various magical races such as pixies and fairies with which they must compete.

Named places on Gaia: Fairyland, Sheva.

Gaia (goddess)

According to Fairy lore, their mother goddess. She created the Fairy race by mixing her blood with earth and clay. The other races had sprung from the earth by themselves, but they were weak and she wanted to protect them.


Classed as a yokai in the Otherworlds, their true form is that of a wolf, but they also have the natural ability to disguise themselves as humans.

Gerda Andersen

A valkyrie in the service of Sara and Rent-A-Legend.

George Martin

Lucinda's father.


Though all the ghosts who appeared in the VDBiF books got their scenes cut, they exist. Ghosts haunt many of Contessa's old mansions.


Three times the size of your average human, they live very widely spaced out, no more than three together. Though they like to settle, a lack of sufficient food may cause them to have to move or raid livestock and kidnap humans.


Calypso-born human. An ex-farmer, now a landsmen on the Ocean's Fangs. He looks after the livestock and is a member of the gun crew, plus he does a bunch of other general jobs.

Grana/Granny Wail

A pirate queen who like cheese, has only got harder with age. She commands a whole fleet of pirates and is largely based on Calypso.


Half-eagle, half lion, these magical beasts live in the mountains of Gaia and Anima. The fairies breed them as steeds.


Ship's cook on the Ocean's Fangs. A selkie. Married to Marcus and mother of Swanhild.



Half-bird demi-fairies. They are female only. Thought to have been created originally as living weapons for a long forgotten war. They live in small clans in mountainous areas.


Fairy. One of the royal guards. Great friends with Louis and friends with Tyrian.

Heinrich von Stollenheim

Vampire. Victor's father. Deceased. He was killed by a mob for being a bit too traditional.


An ancient queen of Fairyland. Information about her is confused even in Fairyland, as history and legend have mingled. She murdered her sister and imprisoned her parents. A vampire, she was figuratively and literally bloodthirsty, leading raids into other countries and worlds and demanding a tribute from each village every year, some say every seven years.

Hugo von Stollenheim

Vampire. Captain of the Ocean's Fangs and one of the higher ups in the Calypso Authorities, though nowhere near as high up as his adoptive father, Cloudesley. Unlike the other Stollenheims, he grew up poor and isolated; he's never seen another vampire in his life. His father left his mother when she fell pregnant and she was abandoned by her own family. He ran away from home when he was fourteen to avoid hurting his mother. He'd been refused blood by a friend and wanted to find a way to live without biting people. He still has issues about it.


I'm going to go ahead and presume you know about these.

Hyacinth du Buquet

It's pronounced 'bucket'. Hugo's mother. When she was kicked out by her parents, she went to her friends for help, but none of them were old enough to do so. She did manage to find a symapthetic lady who allowed her to stay until she could manage to support herself. In desperation she wrote to the head of the Stollenheim family asking for help. Contessa gave her funds for several months and provided her with work as a seamstress. Hyacinth quit as soon as she was able, not wanting to rely on the Stollenheims any more than necessary. The help did come with the price of naming her son Stollenheim.



Oh my gosh, something beginning with Q. Magical dragon-esque, deer-like creatures with habits similar to unicorns.


Rina Walker

She recently moved to Newton-le-Willows and wants nothing much to do with anyone or anything, particularly Lucinda.


An agency set up by Sara to provide heroes and other story people to those who need them. The offices are an impressive collection of Otherworld doors. It was originally a panic room developed over centuries by the Shevan royal family. The agency is suffering from a prince shortage.


Also spelled rukh. Colossal white birds. They live in isolated areas and eat whatever they can catch, though they like serpents best because they are also freaking huge.

Rosalind Fisher

Usually known as Rosie. A witch who refuses to use magic any more. She now specialises in alchemy. Originally from Earth, she now lives in the Blue Forest doing research and making medicine. She's engaged to Johann who she's now been dating for three years. She originally came to the Otherworlds by accident, after following an Otherworlder through a door in Iceland. She was volunteering there during her gap year. Rosie wanted to be a doctor, so when she got stuck she instead decided to be a witch. She studied in Fairyland for a year and thus found a door home, Earth doors being quite common there.

Rosetta Seacole

An elven witch from Gaia. Despite the fact that elves are not well accepted in Fairyland because of speciesism, she was determined to become a witch. So she studied magic under the local merfolk instead. She did then go to Fairyland and find a mentor but didn't stay too long. Mermaids specialise in weather magic, so she was a perfect fit for Hugo's crew. The two of them are good friends. Rosetta is a linguist, and speaks three foreign langauges besides her native tongue. She also knows three different dialects of mermaid sign language.


Saharaleia von Stollenheim/Sarvadaman

Elf. Please call her Sara. Or else. Princess of Sheva. Exiled by her step-father Alucard, she began Rent-A-Legend in order to gather heroes for a rebellion. And because she didn't want other people to have no heroes to turn to. ...But mostly for rebellion purposes. Sara's mother Khalira died of a mysterious illness some time after she married Alucard. When she spoke up about it, believing him to be the cause, he drove her out of the kingdom.


A sub-species of fairy changeling. They have seal skin cloaks. Please see the species guide on changelings for more information.


A djinni woman.


Massive, snake-like sea dragons. They live in tiny pods in large areas of ocean. They are much like whales, and survive by eating krill and other tiny sea-life.


A desert country on Gaia, dominated by elves. Some humans can be found here too.

Shu Xuejiao

A school friend of Lucinda's. She's very friendly, and knows most of the students in her classes in some way.


A subspecies of harpy, though many people now use the term to refer to nixies. Sirens are harpies with magical singing abilities.


A half-lion demi-fairy. The male version of these is the manticore. Sphinxes are fond of riddles, and will pose them to any travellers that come their way. They were created as a living weapon for an ancient war.

Sphinx sisters

A pair of sphinxes who have taken it upon themselves to guard the border gate between Sheva and Fairyland. No-one asked them to, but you have to keep yourself busy.

Story Karma

The one universal belief in the Otherworlds. A sort of celestial cause and effect mechanism that rewards or punishes certain behaviour, based on how stories are supposed to go. Most Otherworlders believe firmly in it, but there are non-believers out there too. The believers tend to take a large step backwards and watch with interest when they do something stupid.


A type of djinni. The male term is incubi. Some djinni tribes settled down and ceased their nomadic wanderings. They experienced a large increase in the rate of vampirism amongst their people. Believing it to be caused by a limited gene pool, they intentionally mixed with the local human populations especially, giving them a reputation for seducing humans. These mixed species tribes became known as succubi and incubi. The reputation persists still. They often have fangs, whether suffering from vampirism or not.


A half-selkie. Daughter of Marcus and Gudrun, she works on the Ocean's Fangs doing whatever she is able. She is naturally adept at swimming, has webbed fingers and toes and can stay underwater far, far longer than a human.


Talking animals

There are a great deal of talking animals in the Otherworlds. Some are magical animals who have learned to talk, some are cursed humanoids who have retained the ability to talk and some are fairies, djinni, yokai or other magical races messing with you.

Titania Mabsdaughter III

Current Queen of the Wild Realm of Fairyland. At least she would be if she wasn't missing. She got drunk and wandered off from a party seven years ago.She went through an Otherworld door without her pendant, which would have let her find a way back relatively easily. She's quite a traditional fairy, but she likes to dress in ribbons and flowers like the modern image, just to mess with people.

Tom Du Buquet

Hugo's adopted son. He has curly red hair and is ten.

Tyrian von Stollenheim

Fairy. Vampire. Current king of the Dark Realm of Fairyland whether he likes it or not. Technically he's the regent king, but pretty much the rest of Fairyland and most likely story karma doesn't see it that way. Likes writing romance novels but doesn't really expect that anyone else will read them. Has terrible luck with real life romance. He's dating his fool, Will Winters. He also has a few 'mistresses' which is expected of him as a king, plus he does live in Fairyland.



The most magical and elusive race in all the Otherworlds. They live in only highly magical areas with a lot of magical flora. They dislike anyone who isn't a virgin. Various theories on why exist.

The specific four unicorns we actually meet

Unicorns don't have names and tend to refer to one another and others as vague descriptions, you see. The four unicorns we actually know are a small herd who wander around looking for diversions from their 600-800 year long lifespan. The youngest is not terribly bothered about tradition. She'll talk to whoever.



There are three kinds of vampire. The first kind are the idiots that became vampires during their life span and are incredibly lucky to be alive, the second kind is their offspring, born as vampires and needing less blood as they get further away from the original and the third is the shuffling corpse that hates things like sunlight and garlic. You shouldn't confuse that type with the others. More detailed information can be found on the species guide.

Victor von Stollenheim II

A shy vampire, he has been sheltered his whole life. He's never bitten anyone but his mother, which is a severe problem for the both of them, as vampires can't survive on only one person, at least not if they want that person to live. Way to go, Lydia.

Vincent van Kresnik

A vampire hunter and lawyer who isn't terribly good at being either, despite being the protégée of Lady Contessa von Stollenheim. He took over from his father when he was injured fighting a foreign vampire and he was really too young to do so. Contessa took pity on him and trained him. He has a crush on her, but she sees him as a child, so it isn't going to happen.



Cursed humans forced to transform into wolves at certain times, usually at the full moon. Not a species. Garwolves and wolf changelings may be mistaken for a werewolf, but they are not.

William Winters

Born on Earth, but raised on stories of the Otherworlds, he took off to explore them at the earliest possible opportunity. His mother, who moved to Stratford-Upon-Avon to get away from the dangers of the Otherworlds, particularly warned him to stay away from Fairyland because it was terribly dangerous and full of monsters. She is very bad at psychology. Will is currently on a gap year working for Tyrian in Fairyland as his fool. He's also dating him. Will is named after William Shakespeare, who he is a massive fan of. He's 1/16th fairy and is hoping to find his long-lost great grandmother while he's there. To the general amazement of the Fairyland populace, he refuses to learn any magic as he feels it's too dangerous.


The male term for witch is fairy doctor, but this has fallen out of use and witch is also applied to men these days. Witches, as the male term suggests, are the doctors of the Otherworlds. Most witches start off learning under a master as an apprentice, but go to hone their skills in Fairyland or with some other magical race. Most do set up as doctors afterwards, but they also work in defence(or indeed offence), as fortune tellers or various other practical positions. If they get testy, they are known to turn people into animals and cause boils or other curses. The stories about them eating children are most likely the result of fairies or other humanoid-but-people-eating creatures doing the job. Possibly, they are humans who just got a little bit too well adjusted to fairy culture during their studies...



See 'Alexander Mcneil'

That's it, that's all I got. A cross-reference.



Usually refers to any magical race that has both an animal and humanoid form, but also includes traditional yokai such as yuki onna. Yokai may be cats, dragons, foxes, snakes, wolves, horses... the list goes on.

Yuki Onna/Snow Woman

A type of yokai. They emit a terrible cold and can cause snow storms. Traditionally they ambush, freeze or seduce travellers on snowy mountains. They are only female. Modern yuki onna are usually far more friendly. They usually pair up with humans. Any male children will be human (albeit with some serious cold tolerance) and female children will be yuki onna.



Mindless slaves under a spell. They do not wander around looking for brains, sorry. The spell may be cast on a living person or a fresh corpse. The spell may cause a re-animated corpse to go looking for blood to keep the spell going if the necromancer who cast it doesn't keep it topped up. Depends on the complexity of the spell. This is likely one cause of the monster 'revenant' which is the most basic type of monster vampire.

Alicia L. Wright

YA comic fantasy author