The Vampires Don't Belong in Fairy Tales protagonists

Lucinda Martin (Miss Prince)

Age: 15 (at the time of Miss Prince)

Species: Human

Title/job: Prince (by employment), student

Home country/planet: England, Earth

Skills/hobbies: Lucinda is being taught fencing by Gerda, but she isn't very good at it yet. Her sword is mostly for show until she gets the hang of this prince thing.
She does like to make crafts and does make costumes herself. She has a set of costumes in her wardrobe and other bits of costumes scattered around her room.

Likes: Cosplay, cartoons, conventions, anime, manga, other nerd stuff, potions making, the Otherworlds except when bits of it try to kill her, Japan in general, swords, lolita fashion, crafting, making things with her friends. She likes things considered different and unusual to most people. It's ironic, because once you're used to something, it's normal.

Dislikes: She doesn't like things that are 'ordinary'. She also hates the nickname her parents call her – Lulu. She doesn't much like Tyrian's nickname Lucy either. She also dislikes vampires actually, particularly Alucard. School.

Family: She lives with her mother and father. She has an older sister, Cindy. Cindy has similar tastes and interests to her, and the two of them got on very well, but she left home recently and has a fancy pants graduate job down South.

Biography: Lucinda recently moved from Didsbury, Manchester, to Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside. She doesn't appreciate it. She's been separated from all her friends, including her best friend Andrew. She also has online friends and they all still chat via Skype/webcam and have concocted a scheme to go to America together to compete in a competition. Her parents are very reluctant to let her go and strapped for cash after the house move. They agree that she can go if she can raise the money herself – providing they can check these online friends of hers are who they say they are, of course.
In trying to raise the money, Lucinda stumbles upon Rent-A-Legend, having answered an ad for a ‘general assistant’. She is employed by Sara to be a prince, as all the real ones run off with the first princess they rescue and promptly stop rescuing people.

So before she knows it, she’s fighting dragons, dealing with angry townsfolk, witches and mermaids.

And vampires. Lots of vampires.  Okay, four vampires. Five. Wait, let me count. …  
Six. Six vampires. <insert The Count laugh here> And fairies. Also fairies. Just go ahead and presume that if it's a magical thingum, Lucinda has to deal with it.

Joshua Bailey (The Map is the Treasure)

Age: 17

Species: Human

Title/job: merchant/ landsman/ loblolly boy/ apprentice witch

Home country/planet: Delsus, Anima

Skills/hobbies: Joshua honestly likes being a merchant. He likes taking little risks buying stock, etc. He is training to be a witch and learning seamanship.

Likes: Granas, Rosetta, Hugo when he isn’t being scary, Letitia, cooking, games, animals and socialising.

Dislikes: Xan, being forced into things, the amount of blunt force trauma he's had to endure, story karma, pirates.


Biography: Joshua is a merchant's son. He is quite happy with this state of affairs. He likes helping his dad out and market speculation. His father made his way in the world through a story and took pains to teach him they are not easy and fun. His mother thinks Joshua should go out and find his own story and does everything she can to get him into one. Joshua isn’t interested, he just wants to take over the shop or open his own. But one day he is nice to a mysterious, green beggar lady and if there is anything that will get you noticed by story karma, that is it.

After a mishap, he ends up adrift on the endless oceans of Calypso. He's rescused/drafted by the Ocean's Fangs, a privateer vessel. Trying not to panic, he learns new skills while he searches for a door back home.

Tyrian von Stollenheim
(Vampires Don't Belong in Fairyland)

Age: 53 (24 in human years)

Species: Fairy (vampire)

Title/job: King of the Dark Realm of Fairyland.

Home country/planet: Fairyland, Gaia.

Skills/hobbies: Being an ex-prince, Tyrian can use a sword, but fairies usually use magic unless they're dealing with other fairies. He knows a wide range of fairy and vampire spells.
His hobbies are writing novels(usually historical romance) and painting. He also likes griffin-riding and general socialising. He's fascinated by other cultures, especially the ones of Earth, and reads a lot of Earthling literature. He can speak some Japanese, Ancient fairy and some Shevan (although he can't read them so well).

Likes: Cute men, humans, books, other cultures, plays, griffins.

Dislikes: Nobles, people bringing up that he isn't married yet. False friends (both linguistically and literally).

Biography: Tyrian is an ex-hero. It's what princes become if they put off marrying long enough. Tyrian has put off marrying for some thirty years, as he took a great dislike to nobles after his first boyfriend Lawrence dumped him. Lawrence's noble mother thought the two of them needed heirs and that it was unseemly for them to date. He's worried about getting stuck with someone he won't like. He's also afraid story karma will kick in once he actually fulfils his duties and has an heir. Kings tend to die a lot.

He is somewhat irresponsible, having living a relatively carefree life so far, but the civil war breaking out forced him to re-evaluate his priorities.

Once the war broke out, he fled the country looking for help and for somewhere to hide two of the country's magical artefacts - and symbols of rulership - to keep them out of Lir's hands. He needs help as if kings try anything directly, they tend to die. He's heirless, as is the missing Queen Titania, and he isn't for letting that whole 'mysterious heir returns years after the country falls into ruin' nonsense happen.

Victor von Stollenheim

(Magic and Other Things in Bottles)


Age: 17


Species: Human (vampire)


Title/job: Count, vampire.


Home country/planet: Anima


Skills/hobbies: Reading. He does very little else, really.


Likes: Reading, his mother. Lucinda.


Dislikes: Will. Being around people he doesn't know.


Biography:  Victor's father was killed by a mob when he was six, causing his mother to keep him away from humans and basically everyone and everything but close family.  He's very shy and suffers from a form of anxiety. He also has a stammer. Being shy is a terrible flaw for a vampire. He has only ever bitten his mother – vampires usually bite other people from the age of about nine. Him and his mother are very weak as a result, and his family, now knowing what the white streaks mean exactly, decide to take action. They had been cajoling her for some time, but she became more and more resistant.  In an attempt to intervene, Tyrian invites Victor to come and stay with him in Fairyland. Victor, learning what the matter was, decides himself to take up Tyrian's offer, in defiance of his mother's wishes.

He doesn't cope well with Fairyland though . . . his Victorian-esque upbringing and Fairyland culture don't mix. He does make a mysterious new friend though. Although it could be she just needed someone to hand that mysterious artefact to. 

William Winters (Fairy Roots)

Age: 20

Species: Human (but 1/16th fairy... - his great-grandmother is a fairy changeling.)

Title/job: Court jester/fool

Home country/planet: England, Earth.

Skills/hobbies: Comedy, speaks conversational level Japanese.

Likes: He loves books and plays, especially Shakespeare, backpacking and travelling, other cultures, games, he does like comics and manga, but not as much as Lucinda.

Dislikes: People taking an undue interest in his personal life, bigots and other discrimination. Magic. Him doing it that is, he doesn't have any particular dislike for other people doing it, but preferably not on him. He quite rightly thinks it is a good way to end up spending the rest of your life as a frog or a statue.

Biography: Will's mother moved to Stratford-Upon-Avon as she wanted to get away from the magical creatures on Anima. Shakespeare is very popular in the Otherworlds and the reason that English is so widely spoken. As such, there is a community of Otherworlders in Stratford.

When Will was little, his mother told him stories about the Otherworlds, and plenty about Fairyland, as she has fairy heritage – not that she is proud of it. On the contrary, she told him the place was full of monsters and things and very dangerous and that he should never go there. She is terrible at psychology.

  Will has a postcard collection on his bedroom wall. He collected them as a child, and continues to add to it. His aim is to travel to all the places on the postcards. There are several hand-drawn ones – Fairyland is on one of these. He has visited several of these places already, using doors and just regular ol' Earth transportation, couch surfing, volunteering or just hiking and biking. When he was 18, he decided to take a gap year. He worked for a year to save up and then intended to go to Fairyland, but he didn't do enough research and had to bail out, after getting chased by fairies. In Fairyland, residents are left alone, but travellers are fair game for any tricksters or man eaters.
  He then opted to go to Japan for a year instead, with the intention to seek out some yokai and do better research on Fairyland and the best opportunities there. He had a blast on a working visa, doing seasonal jobs and some volunteering, also making friends with a bunch of yokai and getting some valuable door locations. He went home only to return to Japan for just a month, under the pretence of spending the full year there again. He really went to study at a language school in Okazaki (the Yamasa Language Institute – this really exists) before slipping through a door into Fairyland. Once in Fairyland, he disguised his humanity by simply wearing a cloak, and made it to the palace where he was allowed to see the king, aiming to be hired for the vacant position of court jester in the Dark Palace. Tyrian hired him and the two of them got on immediately.
  Will also went to Fairyland to to search for his changeling great-grandmother and find out the truth of what happened between her and his great-grandfather. And to avoid getting a proper job for another year.

He says he's trying to get all the lazy and crazy out of his system. Good luck with that, Will.

Alicia L. Wright

YA comic fantasy author