I am bad at updating this blog section. I've started a YouTube channel, so I will be focusing my energies on that while we are in lockdown and my day job isn't getting in the way, but I have started a new VDBiF book!

The book is currently a 3 protagonist book, mainly focusing on Zaran, a royal from a small country neighbouring Sheva that is facing invasion. One of the other protagonists is Hettie, who is vampire determined to become the Otherworld's first magical girl. 


I must admit, I do most of my blogging over on deviantART but I really will try and post some stuff here too. I'm SUPER professional, I know.

My topic today is Fairy Roots, the latest VDBiF book. I'm getting there, I just need to finish the cover and the final drafts. It's not far off now. I will be glad to see the back of it, which is how you know you've almost done enough editing. 

I find it hard to believe that anyone here doesn't follow me elsewhere, however for those who don't . . .

Fairy Roots is an LGBT+ comic fantasy romance. I know. I'm surprised I wrote a romance, too. It follows Will, who may or may not yet know, as he embarks on a gap year in Fairyland. He's there to put off getting a proper job, find his changeling great-grandmother and his roots, which most fairies assume means he's related to a tree. He lands the job of court jester after impressing King Tyrian in an impromptu interview. Tyrian promptly gets a crush on him, as fairies do, and there are shenanigans.

I should probably just have posted the blurb.

Alicia L. Wright

YA comic fantasy author